Top Effective Solutions for Motion Design in Mobile Apps

Top Effective Solutions for Motion Design in Mobile Apps

Motion design in mobile applications is a tool of incredible power. Despite being a very small component of mobile app design, it can breathe new life into user engagement – turning the user experience into a pleasant and appealing activity.

The popularity of new, more interactive and visual user interfaces has deeply influenced the development of animation in mobile app design. In fact, Motion Design has now become a new standard to represent UI/UX expertise. Nevertheless, top-notch animated apps use motion graphics only where it is necessary. So while designing a mobile app, skilfull motion graphic designers should clearly understand the types and use of every animation element.

In this article, we’ll break down the most effective solutions for motion design while developing a mobile application. We’ll share how to:

  1. Give visual feedback
  2. …and visual hints
  3. Show the change in response
  4. Structure information in your app
  5. Let users see the condition of the system
  6. Add some fun or custom animations

Let’s get started!

Give Visual Feedback

The first and foremost thing to mention is visual feedback, which is critical for any UI. When we communicate in real life we get a physical response to interactions we have with other people. In the mobile world this helps us see the reaction, clarify the users action, indicate that the app is working, and feel in control of the process.

Unintentionally we, users, expect a reaction in response to our action from every function we use. This is where motion design is the key.

When you see how the button grows in size or an arrow moves towards the place you’ve touched the screen, it becomes apparent that the animation is working and responding to your input. Users receive visual feedback, and, unconsciously, understand that the app is under their control.

Give Visual Hints

Visual hints are usually what’s missing even in the most accurately designed mobile applications.

How to help customers use the app’s functionality? Give them a hint, as easy as it is.

There are numerous ways to do so – highlighting the key points, coloring core elements in a specific way, or attracting user’s attention by the means of motion design.

The majority of modern apps have quite a complex structure – the designer’s responsibility is to simplify navigation as much as possible. The attention-drawing animation directs the user’s attention to the necessary details. Thus, helps to save time on constant scanning screen layouts in order to find the desired functions.

Tasty Burger app animation underlines the changing price and navigates users to the most important information.

Would be VERY good if we use any example Synergy Way has – but I haven’t found it on the website!

Very often, users navigate through a menu. And if your app has a more complex structure, with loads of features and elements, the attention-drawing animations will serve as a visual navigator. It will help to create a good intuitive design and enhance positive users experience making navigation more clear and consistent.

Show the Change in Response

Very often UI designers use motion graphics to show how elements are being transformed due to user’s choice. Mobile applications are always limited in terms of screen size, therefore motion design is one of the most effective tactics that can provide an informative and functional explanation in a concise format.

Considering the fact that users constantly work with different app elements, from buttons to icons and menu bars, feedback and orientation animation can save your game. Animated buttons, tips, and switches quickly inform the user if the action is done.

The transition from one type of class to the other, with the choice of a seat, is performed through the graphic animation.

Orientation animation is mainly used to show how the functions of the elements change when a user interacts with them. For example, when you tap a picture, additional information appears – making users’ interaction with your app much easier. And when you add mobile animation to display changes, it naturally enhances user experience (learn more about UX strategy here).

Structure Information In Your App

The good thing about mobile animation is the ability to structure information through the visual confirmation of users actions. Needless to mention that every small element has its own purpose and place within the animation. Motion graphic is an excellent tool for combining parts of the interface and showing how they interact with each other.

The hierarchy of application elements is usually implemented in the menu bars. Tiny animations intuitively show users what action is being done and what content should be given attention to. All types of animations are set to describe how the elements of the app are connected. This type of interaction is a vital part of any intuitive interface.

Let Users See The Condition of Your System

Monitoring application’s status helps users stay in control and watch the progress and the processes happening in the background. Meanwhile, you upload files, send or receive messages, play media files or download photos, let animations for mobile app show how the process works.

Display the status of ongoing processes with motion design to ensure the user that the app works properly. If the progress is visually displayed, a user gets a sense of control over the program performance. There are always a lot of processes happening backstage in the app, so why not to let a user see them working?

Add Some Fun or Custom Animations

By adding custom or “humor” animation, you can make sure that your users will remember it. Another thing is you never know if they like it. Fun mobile animation can be either really good or indeed bad. Anyway, unique animations will make your app recognizable.

Despite the fact that all of the motion graphics listed today can severely complicate the mobile app development process, a really unique animation of the mobile app will be highly attractive for users.

Planning your next project? Get a free estimate online. Your motion graphic design is the key to stand out from the crowd.

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