Top 8 App Monetization Platforms in 2020

Top 8 App Monetization Platforms in 2020

App development is a business with the ultimate goal of making money. The types of mobile app monetization you can use depend, in particular, on the ad network you choose to interact with. Here is when the variety of mobile app monetization platforms come for help.

These platforms provide a simple and convenient service for mobile app developers so that they can raise revenue through high-quality ads. And if you’re still hesitating how to choose the most relevant net for your project, here’s our list of the best platforms in 2020.

App Monetization Platform #1: Google AdMob

Source: Google AdMob

Google AdMob is considered as one of the top mobile app networks. Millions of advertisers work with it.

How does it work?

  1. The only thing you need to do is to allocate the ad space in your app.
  2. Then advertisers set bids for your ad slots.
  3. The system selects the most profitable ones for you, as well as the ads that are interesting to your users.

Yep, without annoying users with inappropriate ads. 


  • Security ensured by a thorough ad verification system makes Google AdMob one of the best mobile ad networks.
  • Tight integration with Google Analytics allows you to track users` interactions with ads in your app. 
  • Another interesting feature of the platform is the ability to set the broadcast time and the number of impressions. 
  • Ad network mediation makes it possible for you to work with multiple ad networks at the same time. 

Hybrid monetization models are an option with Google AdMob too. For instance you can use not only in-app purchases, but also rewarded ads. Users get in-game rewards such as extra lives for interacting with these advertisements.

App Monetization Platform #2: MoPub

Source: MoPub

Another position among the top ad networks is held by MoPub. It is a mobile app monetization platform organizing advertisement with an auction payment system.

Interesting facts:

  • MoPub has launched a new targeting solution – Inventory Packages.

Inventory Packages are sets of ad inventory with common characteristics that allow brands to segment inventory and reach target audiences.

  • It is also possible to create customized ad units within mobile applications and launch and configure advertising campaigns.
  • Since 2013, MoPub has been owned by Twitter. They specialize in quick price comparison of promotional offers from almost 200 networks and DSP platforms.

App Monetization Platform #3: Chartboost

Source: Chartboost

One of the most popular nets among mobile developers is Chartboost – specialized in cross-advertising solutions. This app monetization platform allows developers to directly sell ad space in games to each other and launch cross-platform ads.


  • It is possible to view revenue from each project.
  • It is easy to integrate and easy to use.
  • You can setup ads and campaigns easily, targeting an extensive list of segments and target audiences.
  • A vivid ad type solutions.
  • Advertising rates are low, and even a beginner can use the platform.

Chartboost is the right platform for testing your ads and running paid market research campaigns.

App Monetization Platform #4: Unity Ads

Source: Unity Ads

Unity is one of the largest mobile app ad networks. Here you can buy some very interesting types of ads like playable creatives. Playable Ads are interactive ads with gameplay elements. In their feed, the user sees a video and a mini-version of the game (the simplest game level or a mission example) with a call to action (CTA) at the end of the ad that encourages users to install the app.

Another example – Virtual Reality (VR) ads and Augmented Reality (AR) ads. AR adds layers to the real world so that people can still interact with the physical environment by receiving additional information from their devices or augmented reality applications.


  • If a developer uses Unity engine to create the game, the additional SDK (Software Development Kit) integration is not required.
  • A rich variety of formats supported.


  • Unity Ads has a relatively low level of audience coverage.

App Monetization Platform #5: AppLovin

Source: AppLovin

This network will provide you with access to detailed analytics. An interesting feature in this regard is that it has nine trackers to track installation sources. The platform allows you to track the level of audience coverage and eCPM in different countries.

eCPM is a marker for measuring the ad monetization effectiveness. It stands for Effective Cost Per Mille or cost per one thousand advertisement impressions.

AppLovin has also launched its own publishing house for apps and games. It pays out your revenue as a fixed salary – on the 15th of every month.

App Monetization Platform #6: Fyber

Source: Fyber

Fyber provides real-time auctions for all advertisers without the need to integrate RTB (Real-Time Bidding) technology. Because Fyber’s FairBid solution allows traditional ad networks whose SDK doesn’t support RTB to participate in mock bidding, they can compete simulating real-time mode by predicting prices based on historical data.

Interesting fact: a separate professional team is involved in integrating SDK into partners’ applications.

Although this platform has some problems with customer service, the AutoPilot system is a definite plus. It allows you to automatically optimize advertisement revenue sources, that is, the developer doesn’t have to independently set the priority in displaying ads from the advertising net.

App Monetization Platform #7: Tapjoy

Source: Tapjoy

The Tapjoy service allows you to monetize your app through rewarded downloads. The user gets a bonus for downloading the app or for watching ads.

If you are a mobile app developer in the game industry, Tapjoy might be what you’re looking for as it’s most commonly used to monetize mobile games. It is a mobile advertising network with surprisingly wide functionality and settings:

  • Offerwall is an in-app advertising unit that monetizes users through rewarded ad engagements.
  • Video Interstitial is a flexible and effective option for publishers with global audiences, the cornerstone of modern app monetization.
  • Playables are a new in-app advertising format that has transformed standard ad placements into interactive minigames.
  • Rewarded Video lets mobile developers monetize apps ensuring customers benefit from views thus maximizing user engagement.

App Monetization Platform #8: Facebook Audience Network

Source: Facebook Audience Network

One of the best app monetization patforms will finalize our list. Meet Facebook Audience Network from where advertisers can publish their ads to people who use mobile apps outside of Facebook and Instagram. 

There are several options: native position, a banner or an insert, video inserts, video with bonuses. Publishers raise a part of the revenue through Facebook ads when people click on ads in their app.


  • The ads are shown on an additional platform.
  • Placements on Audience Network are cheaper than on Facebook and Instagram. Thus you lower your average CPC.
  • As a result, you will be able to afford more placements and gradually increase your reach.

The final decision regarding the app monetization platform depends on many parameters including your niche and technological requirements. Still unsure what to choose? We’re always ready to help! Drop us a line for free consultation on mobile app development and monetization.

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