Top 3 Best Places to Find Motion Graphics Inspiration

Top 3 Best Places to Find Motion Graphics Inspiration

Do you know what drives user experience? Exactly. Those tiny interactions between the viewer and your interface. Through the motion graphic design, you can add value, joy, and positive vibes to the relationships that are so important for nurturing your business.

When it comes to UI/UX, each tiny detail has a value. When you provide a user with smooth visuals you complement the global picture of UX. 

Image Source: Synergy Way

Nevertheless, great designs are not created elsewhere but in the depth of bright designs varieties that are overwhelming modern web – a virtual space where we all benefit from building off of other designs. Yet sometimes finding fresh and creative animations ideas can be a challenge.

So, if you’re looking for some creative inspiration for your next project, check out these awesome motion graphic websites.

Hover States – The Home of Alternative Digital Design

Image source: Hover States

Hover States – is said to be “the home of alternative digital design”. This blog displays the best works in alternative digital design. “It’s a place to discover, collect and come back to the sites you love, and share the sites you’ve made.”

One of the strongest pros of this website is good filtering options like “filter by category”, which makes life way easier while looking for a little extra nudge in the right direction to get your creative juices flowing. In the meantime, it can be a bit slow because of the big size of the images.


Image source: Motionographer

Motionographer (pronounced like “oceanographer”) would probably be the most visited site on this motion graphics inspiration list. It is a source of inspiration and insight for designers, animators, and storytellers of all stripes. 

If you want to have a take a glimpse into the hottest trends and outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students, feature stories and miscellaneous design items, this is your place to go!

Art of the Title

Image source: Art of the Title

A fantastic learning source and a website to get inspiration from. Art of the Title showcases title sequences from movies and includes interviews and analysis of the sequences. Based in Toronto, Canada it was launched in 2007. The site attracts an enthusiastic group of devoted readers from all around the world, currently reaching 400,000 readers per month and with 100,000 followers across its social media channels.

Need help to drive creativity and in-app experiences? Get the best motion design solutions from our designers at Synergy Way.

Why Do We Need Motion Design and Mobile Animation Solutions?

The combination of simplicity and functionality is what makes a good design. Motion graphics allow us to communicate the design vision in the topmost fidelity possible. 

These days developers and designers have a possibility to integrate a great number of mobile animations for apps, may that be Javascript, CSS, or HTML-based features. If you want to add some eye-catching motion graphics to your UI and content, feel free to contact us and push user experience of your app to the new levels.

It has become possible by bringing together elegant transitions and animations elements with static design features. At Synergy Way, mobile animation and motion graphics is an indispensable part of the app development and design processes. And we believe, these elements are key to the smooth user experience.

Yet, don’t forget to take a fresh breath, bookmark these websites, and look in there from time to time to get inspired by the new ideas.

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