The Best Way to Monetize Website – Sponsored Posts

The Best Way to Monetize Website – Sponsored Posts

As you already know, there are several effective monetization methods. Though, only your website niche, traffic capacity, audience preferences and behavior can define which options are the most efficient for your specific website.

In this set of articles, we will show you 10 monetization methods that will allow you to start generating revenue:

  1. Advertisements – how and when to use them right
  2. Google Adsense PPC magic wand
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Monetizing with affiliate offers
  5. Creating and selling your own digital product
  6. Making money on donations
  7. Building your own e-commerce platform
  8. Selling online courses
  9. Providing quality consultation services
  10. Offering password-protected content membership content

Publishing sponsored content is an easy and comprehensive way to increase your income, boost the popularity and attendance of your site. Advertisers pay huge amounts of money for the reviews of their products or services. Today, we’ll tell you how website monetization with sponsored posts actually works.

The best way to monetize website #3: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored content is one of the most popular forms of advertising because of one simple reason: visitors are more likely to see the product/services as more of a review rather than direct ads.

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This type of ad is highly efficient in a few ways:

  1. Sponsored posts do not disrupt the user experience and are easy to consume.
  2. You, as a publisher, will host sponsored content along with their organic content.
  3. The advertiser generally provides you with his service/product to review for free. Thus besides the additional revenue, you also get some really useful niche products and services.

How much money will I get?

Sponsored content brings you income directly from the third parties – advertisers. The amount you get for a sponsored content varies enormously based on your website’s particular niche, its size, your site popularity, and, last but not the least, the volume of your social media followers group.

How to find companies that will pay for sponsored posts?

When you think about sponsored content, you may first think of big brands with big budgets. Start with smaller national companies and brands – they may be quicker to respond to your pitches.

But first, get well prepared: 

  1. Create a media kit telling publishers important facts about your blog audience (e.g.: the amounts of traffic, the relevance of your audience, etc.)
  2. Identify businesses in your niche that are located close to you.
  3. Build up a portfolio and some experience with local businesses.

Once you build a sizable audience and a minimum portfolio for your website, companies in your field, as well as marketing and PR agencies may just come and knock into your virtual doors with offers.

Form a good relationship with your partners, do consistently good work, and then, just as with affiliate marketing, you’ll get more work and income in the future. 

Services to find the sponsored content advertisers is a free to sign-up service that connects advertisers and websites.

Cooperatize, Tomoson, and PayPerPost are middlemen that will help you find sponsors (companies, businesses, and brands related to your website’s niche).

What type of advertisement does your target audience need? Let’s find it out together. Our web development team is ready to help you study the market and upgrade your website.

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