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At Synergy Way, we offer custom web application development services based on the most popular tech stacks and frameworks. We have solid experience building websites, marketplaces, eCommerce solutions, complex web business management systems and other digital products for different purposes and industries. No matter what the product is, together with our clients, we pass through all stages of the web development process.

Web Development Process:

1. Research and Analysis

We start from ‘For what?‘ question. What are your main goals? What do you want to achieve? Understanding your needs will not only help the whole team to establish the business logic of a web app properly but also it will keep the team motivated to bring the best result they can. We need to find out as much as possible about the market and your users to see what kind of problems we can solve.

Data gathered during the stage of research and analysis will influence all of the following stages of website development and will be used as the basis for defining business requirements, clarifying the scope, time and the budget.

On the end of this stage, we need to be sure that we see eye to eye with our client and share the same perspective on the web product.

2. UI/UX Design

When there are plenty competitors on the market, your product needs to stand out.

User experience and web user interface design is not for the sake of beauty itself. Studies show that users prefer to use intuitive and user-oriented products, no one wants to spend time guessing how your product is supposed to work. This fact highlights the importance of good design for startups. Whether it is web, mobile or software, ease of use is one of the key factors contributing to its recognition. Do not underestimate the power of a simple, well thought-out and executed web UI design.

Find out more about the UI/UX process at our company.

3. Development

We provide full-cycle web development services in a variety of technology stacks and business domains. The stack of technologies we use mostly depends on the type of a project, customers’ business goals, requirements, growth plans and other factors.

What stays unchanged is our approach to website development. At Synergy Way, developers follow basic programming standards and specific standards for each programming language and implement best practices to write clean code. Our aim is to build easy to scale and maintain web applications, so any skilled developer can support them.

On the end of this stage, we receive a working product ready for the first testing iteration.

4. Quality Assurance

New digital products are prepared for the market only when all of the available functionality and especially main features are verified. We manage the entire testing process from requirements analysis, defining quality goals and criteria, deciding what types of testing to perform, preparing the work environment, developing testing documentation and maintenance to closing testing process.

We have strong experience providing:

  • Test Design and Documentation
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-functional Testing
  • Test Automation

Web app testing is an iterative permanent process, that lasts throughout the whole life cycle of a product. Our team of QA specialists is ready to support and maintain your web products to make them meet fast-changing market expectations. Our team can provide full-cycle web development or join your team and handle a part of the project.

We believe each project is different. Contact us to get a free consultation and a project estimate in no time.

Why us?

  • As a boutique web development company we offer custom solutions to each customer
  • We aim to build a strategic partnership with our customers
  • We are always open and available for communication.
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