UI/UX Design

User Experience and User Interface Design

Creating design for web and mobile products is a complex multi-stage process. If done right, it can bring fascinating results and establish a life-long success. And if done poorly, it can turn into a failure even the most promising idea. Therefore, hiring experienced UX/UI designers is especially important for new businesses and startup projects.

UX/UI Design Process:

1. Research

The process of designing user experience starts from the early stage of investigation and research. On this stage, we clarify your key business goals and try to find out as much as possible about your target audience, business domain, and the market. We create personas and customer journey maps to collect research insights, inspirational trends and find out in what situations users face problems and when your product can enter the game and be used to solve them.

When the problems and pain points of your audience are defined, we can think of how your product or service can help to solve them. Then we merge received information into meaningful requirements. Our aim is to find the point where your business goals meet users’ needs and expectations.

2. Information Architecture

On this stage, we develop a shared information environment. Building information architecture helps to clarify and shape data hierarchy of a digital product. This way UX designers improve the user experience, increase usability, and findability.

3. Interaction Design and Wireframing

To understand how the product will work and to see if the main features can be achieved, our UX design team builds wireframes. We take into account learnability, consistency, and predictability. Interactive wireframes allow to check our theories, verify our ideas, and to see if anything is missing. We make sure that the product engages a user, motivates him to explore and interact, and ensures positive emotional feedback.

4. Prototyping

The prototype is a perfect artifact when it comes to testing an assumption, a certain product or service: you save time and costs but still get a chance to understand how your idea works and how real users take it. No wonder UI prototype is a must for a rising startup company willing to impress and bring over stakeholders or engage potential users.

Prototypes help the idea to be experienced.

Also, prototypes make the entire development process easier for all members. UX designers and developers love to work with prototypes as they help them to stay on the same page and keep the expectation-reality balance. But even high fidelity prototypes are not ready for the release to the market. Let’s find out why.

5. Visual Design

In the world of digital design, beauty worth nothing if the product isn’t user-friendly and doesn’t behave as users expect. But at the same time, even the most user-friendly website or an application perform far better when the visual UI design is fancy and neat. Studies show that users trust nice-looking products more than scruffy ones. Keep this fact in mind.

6. Test. Iterate. Repeat.

Sometimes one user testing can invert month of research from head to toe. And that’s great as you get a chance to get closer to what user really needs. After each UI/UX testing phase, we improve the product, implement new features and – again – check whether the proposed solution necessary. That is how we create well-thought UI/UX designs.

What you’ll get:

  • Personas
  • User Stories
  • User Journey Maps
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
  • MVP
  • The Final Product
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