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With a mobile application, your products and services are always available for those who use smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Synergy Way team works on complex outsourcing projects for companies across many domains around the globe.

At Synergy Way, you can receive:

  • Custom mobile app development
  • UI/UX Design for mobile
  • Native iOS and Android applications
  • Cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps
  • Enterprise mobile app development.

Hiring an outsourcing mobile app development company, you are able to get the same work done for a less money. Then, you could use the cost savings to build more feature-rich application.

One of the key benefits of outsourcing is the ability to involve an expert on a project basis without committing long term and paying the associated costs. You may need someone with one skillset now but need someone with a different skillset in a few months.

At Synergy Way, we are always opened for a dialog and are ready to consult every potential customer on his project. As our experience shows, many businesses are not sure which mobile platform to choose, develop a native or non-native mobile application. If native, which one — Android or iOS? If hybrid — using what stack of technologies? Considering your business goals, timeline, budgets and other factors we are ready to help and make your decision easier.

The key advantage of setting up a dedicated team at Synergy Way is that we develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets with particular focus on the user experience and interface design. We believe that thought-out design is essential for every digital product and that is why we pay attention to the UI/UX process at our company.

Our portfolio includes native and cross-platform mobile products for FinTech, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Food and Restaurant, and other fields.

Why choose Synergy Way?

  • We strive to become a strategic development partner. We help solve various technology and business challenges.
  • Full-cycle mobile development. At Synergy Way, you receive all in one: from basic core sketches, user experience and mobile UI design, prototyping and development to quality assurance.
  • Strong expertise. We have been creating products for a variety of industries including transportation and logistics, real estate, e-commerce, healthcare, and communications. Our experience helps us to respond to any customer demands whether it is related to consumer market apps or complex and domain-specific enterprise solutions.

The Quality Assurance team at Synergy Way can ensure the high quality of our outsourced mobile development solutions. Contact us to find out how to bring your promising idea to life.

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