E-Commerce Development

At Synergy Way, we help new businesses to enter the market and start selling their products and services online. For experienced market players, we provide a wide range of services aimed to transform their current web products into powerful e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce websites give businesses a chance to offer their products and services to a huge audience and an ability to communicate directly with customers and partners. Business owners and marketing teams get an opportunity to gather rich statistics that will help to make substantiated decisions and get profit. Listed above are the main reasons why hiring a skilled development team is essential. Poor design, long checkouts, abandoned carts, low conversion rate and search engine ranking — these are the results of an unprofessional approach.

With an e-commerce website, understanding your clients becomes easier.

At Synergy Way, we strive to find the most efficient solution keeping the budget within reason. Together with our customer, we achieve great results following an iterative development process.

E-commerce website development process

The e-commerce website development process takes time if you want to receive a powerful tool for your business. This is the place where not every template or pattern will work and everything depends on the certain product and the market niche. Working methodology, properly build business processes inside the development company and expertise in the required industry guarantee success of the project.

1. Investigation and Analysis

At Synergy Way, we do the market research, study trends, gather information about the competitors and try to get as much as possible insights about potential users. The kick-off stage is important as it helps to make sure our teams are on the same mind and everyone understands what the project is about.

2. UI/UX Design

Thought out and user-friendly UI/UX design is essential for E-commerce websites. Users will not spend their time guessing how to order a product ‒ they will close your website and go to your competitors.

Approach to designing E-commerce platforms differs from designing other types of websites. Everything needs to be as simple as possible, nothing should stop the user from getting what he wants. Together with our customer, we work on every user case and every user flow to make users satisfied.

Find out more about the UI/UX design process at Synergy Way.

3. Development and API Integration

Whether it’s web or mobile, we provide a fully managed E-Commerce development solutions. Our team ensures the exact safety, performance, and scalability of every product we develop, whether it is an online store, auction, marketplace or any other type of an E-commerce.

Key benefits of setting up a dedicated development team at Synergy Way:

  1. As a Microsoft Partner Network member, we use only certificated software. Not every offshore or nearshore E-commerce development service provider pays attention to this fact.
  2. Our E-commerce developers follow standards to write clean front and back end code so that every skilled developer can understand and support it in the future.
  3. Since Ukrainian IT market is rapidly growing, your team can be easily extended with additional professionals when needed.

We can integrate your website with social medias, maps, online payment processing systems and other required services. Depending on the market you are working on, we can provide PayPal, Stripe, Wirecard integration. To build each and every project we select an efficient tech stack and deliver solution matching the project requirement.

4. E-Commerce Testing

As a boutique E-commerce development company, we strive for perfection and client satisfaction. Our Quality Assurance team can create all required test documentation and provide all types of functional and non-functional testing. As a part of a boutique company, our QA team will keep the knowledge about your product long-term.

Summing up

E-commerce website will work 24/7, giving you an opportunity to think about long-term goals, strategy, and creative processes. Contact us anytime so we can start as soon as possible.

Why us?

  • As a boutique web development company we offer custom solutions to each customer
  • We aim to build a strategic partnership with our customers
  • We are always open and available for communication.

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