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On the Internet, you can find a lot of articles about pros and cons of the WordPress CMS. Probably you know that WordPress continues to be the most popular for blogging (there are over 76,5 million blogs). About 16 million websites (4,5%) on the web use WordPress. WordPress is being maintained by a large community. There are more than 40 thousand plugins available for WordPress. They enable to tailor (customize) a website to exact needs and expectations.

Developing websites on WordPress is one of the main activities at Synergy Way. That is why we decided to share our experience also. So, let’s start!

WordPress Pros

  • WordPress is an open source product. In other words, it’s free.
  • Fast and not complicated to install it on a server.
  • You can choose a lot of different templates.
  • It is easy to find engineers to maintenance your project and help it to grow.
  • Admin Panel is very understandable and convenient to use, even if the admin has no solid previous experience.

Also, you can find information that WordPress is SEO friendly. Actually, the basic one is not as SEO friendly as you would want it to be. But using plugins can significantly improve the situation.

WordPress Cons

  • For providing better security there is a need to constantly update the website. Sometimes it can bring issues with your template.
  • A large number of plugins are not always abreast with the upgrades. Plus, the more plugins there is a need to install, the slower the website becomes.
  • Security holes often are quite easy to find. Open source products like WordPress are a pleasant thing, but at the same time, it becomes their Achilles’ heel.
  • It is a piece of cake to ruin the website with a bunch of smelly code.

These disadvantages sound scary, but you can avoid most issues just by hiring experienced developers

Mostly, WordPress is chosen by people running small or middle-sized businesses. As our Developer said: “With WordPress everything becomes easy”. But if you want to launch a content-heavy website, an e-commerce project or you have advanced requirements and design, it is better to find individual solutions. By the way, we do that as well.

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