Creative Website Design Ideas ‘19

Creative Website Design Ideas ‘19

Web designing has always been a creative job, and if you look around you’ll find numerous website design ideas to choose from. Via this article, we want to bring you through the best of the web design concepts and ideas you may want to take after in 2019.

#1. Technics – For Real Music Enthusiasts

Rediscover music with Technics by SHIFTBRAIN Inc. The web production company is located in Tokyo, Japan and is continuously pursuing new styles of communication. Scroll your mouse and find yourself in a music industry museum that unveils Technics like the first CD player of 1982 to the incredible solutions of our days. Great visual and navigation options will take you on a visual treat.

#2. Greenaway Pro – All Serfers Would Love

One of the most amazing web design concepts has the Greenaway Pro. The project “started as a tribute to a local surfer – lifeguard – artist Tom Greenaway and as a testament to the man himself, has continued evolving beyond a boutique festival into a something far bigger that has been adopted by all the communities involved, with an ethos of generosity, good spirit, and celebration.” Enjoy beautiful pictures, great style, and informative content.

#3 Panic – The Animation Studio

Panic is a multi-purpose website which deals with creative designing on a daily basis. Panic has proven their skills in motion graphics, 3D animation, and graphic design. Graphic and web designers would definitely want to check the works of this animation studio to get a good portion of inspiration, that’s for sure.

They say “Panic is an animation studio rocking the world from Riga, Latvia. Motion graphics, animated storytelling, and graphic design is our way of making stories come alive,” – a design and animation studio who loves adding new emotions and colors to brand-new stories.

#4. This Shell – A Puzzle To Solve

This Shell is a puzzle about a 3-piece punk rock band from Denver, called The Gamits. Drag and drop the pieces of the video to their correct location before time runs out. When the correct piece is in the correct cell it will lock into place. If you can complete the puzzle on time you will be rewarded with a free download of the song.

Well, if not, you’ll get an inspiring message: “YOU TOTALLY BLEW IT! If this was a test, you would’ve got an F+. Your retribution?” Though, you’ll be offered to get another try.

#5 Tre Erre Ceramiche – A Virtual Tour to Majolica Arts

The Tre Erre Ceramiche will take you on the virtual tour of the real shop of ceramics in Palermo, Italy. Initially, it has been founded by a Raffa couple in Palermo in 1979; Today it is a point of reference, for lovers of majolica art and the quality of rare pieces. In every work, there is the Sicilian tradition and the culture of the Sicilian people.

In the course of the years, many important people chose the “Tre Erre Collection”, like Dolce e Gabbana chose Tre Erre works for their advertising campaign or Chelsea Clinton bought some of the ceramics for personal collection.

Now, the ceramics Tre Erre can be bought in every part of the world, thanks to their responsive website design that attract new clients from all over the globe.

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