How To Create An eCommerce Website?

eCommerce Website Development

It’s not a secret that Internet is a perfect place for promotion and selling most products and services. For example, if you have some local coffee store or consumer electronics shop, why don’t sell your goods offline and online? Today almost all product and services might be sold online. And main questions for a business owner are: what should I do to start selling online, what is the best way to create an eCommerce website?

And now we’ll try to help you with this issue.

What is an eCommerce website?

Basically, eCommerce website is a regular website with additional functionality like:

  • showcase of listed products,
  • shopping cart,
  • the integrated payment system,
  • a system of delivery and logistics,
  • tax automation

All these features are obligatory for any eShop. Besides, it has to be user-friendly and marketing optimized, has effective design and intuitive navigation. The market of eCommerce services and development is quite competitive and it might be difficult to choose right vendor or solution of your issue.

How can eCommerce sites be developed?

These are main solutions and technologies for building coolest eCommerce sites:

  • Automatic shopping platform (like Shopify or Volusion);
  • PHP website built from the scratch;
  • CMS based website with eCommerce features (WordPress + WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc).

Each of these methods has its pros and cons. In an instance, automatic shopping platforms are not customized enough and you have to pay monthly fees. Custom built website will take more time for developing process and also it’s usually costly.

We want to describe CMS based method of website development. CMS – Content Management System usually build on different programming languages. The most popular is PHP. There are various CMS on the market and one of the best on our opinion is WordPress. This CMS has really huge functionality, thousands of plug-ins and also good customized.

Let’s highlight main reasons to choose WordPress for your web store:

  1. It’s free. You don’t need to pay for CMS, only some plugins may be charged.
  2. Integrated Automatic Payment System. You can receive payments from your customers directly on the website using Google Checkout, PayPal or Manual Payment.
  3. Responsive design. Your web store looks attractive on any device PC, laptop, tablet and cell phone.
  4. WordPress is SEO friendly CMS. Its code is clear and simple that’s why Search Engines easily index website’s content. Besides, each page, post or category can be optimized by appropriate meta-tags and keywords.
  5. Finally, it’s easy to use and maintain. WordPress has its user-friendly administrative part. Adding a new listing, product’s descriptions, images, and posts can be done in few minutes.

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In our experience, WordPress is the best solution for small and medium eCommerce websites. If you have thousands of listings and specific needs, it might be a reason to look for more complex solutions for your business. And we can help with that issue.

Feel free to send your questions in the form below and our manager will contact you shortly.

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