Best Web Design Concepts to Entertain and Inspire

Best Web Design Concepts to Entertain and Inspire

Coming up with great website design can sometimes be difficult. Those moments you need to relax and get the creative juices flowing on your mind. The fresh collection of creative web design concepts that will entertain and inspire UI/UX designers for the truly astonishing ideas is waiting for you here and now.

Each of the selected website designs features unique schticks and a variety of interaction and navigation hooks, visual and sound effects skillfully combined in the unusual layouts and ideas.

Ready to get blown away…

#1. Mario Museum

Do you miss your childhood folks? I bet you do. Get back to the 80’s, 90’s, or the early 00’s with Mario Museum by IGN – a very ‘special’ and an incredibly responsive website that features literally everything to visually please you. It is fair to say that since Super Mario took its start three decades ago, it hasn’t stopped being transformed into the new forms and gadgets. It managed to stay exclusively popular till our days.

From the arcade and 8-bit eras to the modern 3-D video game, this website has gathered all the generation of the Mario World in one place. Follow Mario’s hints, enjoy the best of interactive experience and find the hidden interactions through the simple but creative website.

#2. Le Dernier Gaulois

Fond of illustrated stories? Le Dernier Gaulois is the perfect match between quality illustration and an exciting scenario. Don’t miss on checking out the engaging web design concept – follow the link – scroll – and enjoy a legendary Gallic history via 6 incredible episodes.

#3. Fornasetti

You may have heard of Fornasetti as of a design brand famous for its unique style. This playful website will amuse you with its real-time game that conceals some secret levels. Try this out to experience what does a really interactive website mean: creative approach, unique website design – just a perfect way to take a little pause for inspiration during the working day.

#4. Make Me Pulse

Still looking for the inspiration? The web design concept of Make me Pulse website is exactly what will bring you sufficient motivation. “Click & hold” then “Move your mouse” is all you have to do to enjoy loads of interactive features and visual effects. If you are a graphic or web designer you simply won’t leave this place without being inspired.

#5. Void

When it’s time to switch off from your daily troubles Void by Hi-ReS! agency is there to treat your eyes. Follow the instructions and enjoy the visual experiments. “Hold the space to continue” to enjoy visually pleasing sights and unexpectable effects – let this playground make your day.

And that’s not the end of the story. The Hi-Res has quite recently launched the Void Chapter 2: PANDORA, which is no less worth visiting. “Journey deeper into the VOID and explore a new dimension of sounds & visuals. Not alone, but with all of humanity. Gathering within the portals and being united by ears, eyes, and soul. Don’t ask Why. Just Be. And Float Away.” Enjoy!

Still on the hunt for the best web design concepts? Contact our web design team – we are ready to lead your project into the future!

The most outstanding web design concepts, created by professional architects, can easily put a user in the visual treat and inspire a website designer to find the genuinely astonishing and fresh ideas. Which of the web designs on this list do you find the best?

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