Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Teams for Custom Web Development

Setting up a dedicated team of developers is one of the best ways to organize a Custom Web Development process. If your product needs to meet specific requirements, notice that a self-organized team can be a great problem-solver.

We suggest you consider IT outsourcing companies that have experience in setting up dedicated development teams and organizing Scrum processes.

One of the main reasons why middle-sized and large companies decide to deliver a part of a project or an entire project to an offshore service provider is an opportunity to receive a high-quality result without hiring an internal team. Thanks to this, companies save resources and reduce the workload.

Setting up a Dedicated Development Team gives you a lot of advantages:

  • You get a team that concentrates only on your projects
  • Each developer’s performance increases, because he doesn’t need to change the context everytime
  • You will save money without quality losses
  • Dedicated team is more flexible and ready to changes
  • You receive access to the hiring process and can choose which candidate suits you the best
  • The management team on our side takes control over the day-to-day operations and routine, so you will get extra time to focus on your work.

Dedicated Teams at Synergy Way

At Synergy Way, we also organize dedicated cross-functional and self-managing teams. It means the team has all the knowledge and can organize a Scrum process needed to go from a single idea to a final product. For example, Arcus, one project of which we are particularly proud, was developed from a sketch by a dedicated team. Now the team continues to support and upgrade the product to make it meet the market requirements and expectations.

We do not only have experienced developers in our HQ but also, our talent seekers can find professionals on the market if needed. We take care of all required hardware and software, organizational routine and day-to-day operations. You and your company departments won’t have to worry about that. If you are interested in a long-term partnership, dedicated teams are the right to choose.

We have Junior, Middle and Senior Developers on board, so we can deliver web products of different complexity. Under the supervision of experienced mentors, Junior Developers learn fast and build effective solutions. Scrum Master will help to set the communication process between the product owner and the team. Our delivery managers will make sure that the final product will meet your, and users’ expectations.

Every member of Synergy Way team is successful in his field. That is the reason why our solutions are always complex and well-thought.

Contact us anytime to set up your professional dedicated web development team.

Khrystyna Novak

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