Who Are We?

Synergy Way is a web and digital designs boutique with head office in Lviv, Ukraine.

We provide IT services to clients all around the world, mostly, US and EU. Setting up a development team in Eastern Europe allows our clients not only to save software development costs without losing quality but also to involve open-minded and creative professionals in the project.

With 9+ years of experience & essential technology expertise, we are helping businesses – large and small, to craft up world-class web-based solutions and digital UX & UI designs firing up the target audiences, which from the one hand — organically increases the conversion rate for up to 80% for our client’s business, and from another hand – allows to optimize budgets for up to 42% with Synergy Way team, comparing to in-house team on your premises.

Areas of expertise

We can set up a dedicated team or work as extension of your team which opens the opportunities for business owners to concentrate more on business needs, win more deals & handle more projects in parallel. We are working for a wide range of business domains, focusing on development & designs for Financials & Medical/Healthcare industries.

We are thankful for being recognized as a trustful partner by our clients and for being referenced so many times! For the last 3 years we got 30+ new clients and delivered 40+ projects. We are proud to be partners with Microsoft (US), Amazon Web Services (US), Wirecard AG (GER), Orkiv Retail Solutions (US) & SISU Creative (US).

Furthermore, we have tones of experience in especially:

  • e-commerce & payment processing systems;
  • medical reporting platforms;
  • geolocation & map-based apps;
  • OTA & booking/review engines;
  • Fleet Management solutions;
  • Real-time tracking & logistics systems;
  • online marketplaces, and many others, please check out our portfolio.

How Do We Work?

Agile approach

Agile framework allows our team members to collaborate to decide on the most effective and efficient ways to complete work while making sure that the end users receive what they want and need. The focus is on people and interactions, not processes and tools.

Scrum has shown itself as one of the best Agile frameworks used to organize a web and software development process. At Synergy Way, we use Scrum for managing software product development and have a Scrum Master (certificate by Scrum Alliance Inc.) on board. But we don’t mind using Kanban, FDD, TDD etc. With each our client, we decide which methodology will be the most efficient for the project.

Fixed Price / Time and Materials

First of all, for us, it is important to conduct transparent pricing policy. Fixed-price contracts work when costs, required resources and time are well known in advance. Mostly, we develop custom projects, when no one knows for sure what obstacles can happen or what features the client will want to add along the way. Estimating such type of projects is approximate. For this reason, T&M model is preferable as it guarantees the highest quality of the product.

Who Are Our Clients?

We help clients from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia to achieve business goals. We have a strong expertise in developing web-based products for transportation, logistic industries, and eCommerce projects. As a young company, we go beyond client’s expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards. Our solutions are intended to improve your business.

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