5 Reasons Why You Should Try Outsourcing

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Outsourcing

2023 dictates changes aimed at increasing business productivity even more. Big banks are closing, and corporations are firing 10K+ employees in a month. Could it be an even worse time to expand? Someone thinks that businesses should cut every extra expense, leaving only vitals.

But the reality is the opposite. Big businesses are slow. They can’t keep up with rapid changes. They like to hire extra people during an economic boom. But they are pretty bad at correct firing timing. It leads to productivity loss. So, they start firing those “boom employees”.

Small and middle businesses can adapt to those changes and become trendsetters in unstable times. Cooperating with the outsourcing company is a budget- and legal-friendly way to expand. You’ll find professionals for a new project, relieve stress from your employees, and still be able to switch experts wherever you want.

But what are the other benefits of working with an outsourced contractor? Check this article to find it out.

What is outsourcing?  

Firstly, let’s figure out what you can get with outsourcing contractors. It’s not an in-house employee or a freelancer. Outsourcing — an agreement between two companies, when one hires another to do a specific activity usually done by an in-house team.

You can even find an independent outsourcer for a simple task. This person should have their own LLC or Corporation which you hire as an outsourcing company. But if you want to get a project on a turnkey basis, start working with a software outsourcing company. In this case, you’ll get a full-service package: from development and design to marketing.

This decision has multiple advantages: you don’t need to hire experts and offer them benefits, insurance, 401K, etc. Those are the responsibilities of outsourcing companies to their employees. You just need to tell them your expectations, deadlines, and budget. Outsourcing company undertakes to do the job on agreed terms.

Less paperwork, more freedom of action

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Do you no longer want to work with some web designer, because you no longer like their style? If it’s your employee, finding a new expert may take up to 2-3 months. You should fire current employees, pay taxes for them, recruit a new person, and so on…

It may look easier to find a freelancer, but in reality, it’s a lottery. An expert may have dozens of positive reviews, but it won’t guarantee that you’ll get a match. If you are looking for a more tech-savvy specialization, it’s almost impossible to find an employee on freelance websites.

The easiest way to find an expert, which you can switch anytime, is to work with an outsourcing company. They already have at least a few experts for every job type, so they’ll find a perfect match. You can trust them with sensitive data: they sign the NDA with every client.

It’s cheaper

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As we said, it’s cheaper to work with outsourced companies. You don’t need to hire people and give them additional benefits. You can also outsource some parts of the job such as design, accounting, web development, etc.

You can sign a long-term contract or try it as a short side project. It depends on your needs. But in any case, you save money on onboarding, healthcare, and everything related to the hiring and firing processes. 

Easy to find a niche expert for a project

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Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to launch a complex project, where you need a part-time expert available for 15-20 hours a week. If you want to hire them in-house, you should pay them as if they are full-time experts. It’s the most effective way to prevent them from starting to look for an extra project, which may lead to schedule conflicts.

Maybe find a freelancer? It’s also not the most business-friendly solution. Freelancers often have 3+ active projects. So, you may get a scheduling conflict too.

So, as experience shows, hiring an outsourcing company is the best possible option in this situation. Yes, your project is still part-time to him. But this expert works full time for an outsource company that plans its workflow a month ahead. So, there would be no schedule conflicts because this company is responsible for every deadline.

Faster hiring process

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In modern business, the winner is the one who reacts to changes among the firsts. And outsourcing suits this statement perfectly. Tell the project manager you have an idea and want it done under a specific deadline. They immediately start to look for a suitable expert or team for you.

You don’t need to overburden current employees so they won’t burn out. You don’t need to spend precious time looking for new employees or freelancers. You will implement ideas faster; thus you’ll get more chances to succeed.

You can maintain a healthy work-life balance

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Your employees see that you don’t overburden them, giving the extra job to other people. It creates a more healthy work/life balance in a community. Employees are more motivated to do their best under the 8-hour work day, telling their friends in the evening how you as an employer are taking care of their mental health with a reasonable workload.

It gives you additional promotion as a high-morale business. Modern consumers use brands with the same core values, boycotting socially irresponsible businesses. Hiring an outsourcing company instead of overburdening current employees shows you are a responsible employer with high morals.

At the same time, this decision keeps your business effective. Current employees will have the motivation to be as effective as possible. On the other hand, outsourcing experts are motivated to do their best to ensure you use their services again and again.

Wrapping Up

As you see, outsourcing can act as a highly effective instrument for any business. Outsource companies can take on some tasks to reduce the tension so you can meet all your deadlines. But at the same time, those companies could run whole projects. They can create applications and websites from scratch, optimize and promote them.

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