5 Most Amazing Web Design Concepts To See Right Now

5 Most Amazing Web Design Concepts To See Right Now

No doubt, creating an efficient and exciting experience is a vital part of any good website design. This collection is about sharing the best web design concepts found on the web these days.

Brave enough not to use web design templates, teams that have created these masterpieces contrived to meet users’ needs and reach the point of inconceivable designs. Stepping out of the box they created something truly special. But the only way to experience its look and feel is to visit these websites on your own.

Don’t expect to see websites with ordinary styles. Exceptionally experimental, full of cinematic video experiences and amazing visual and sound effects they will bring you through the extraordinary design experience.

Let’s go!

#1. Creative Cruise was crafted for celebrating Amsterdam’s creative vibe from a canal viewpoint. “Creative Cruise brings together the captains of the creative industry of Amsterdam on the 8th of June. Hop on board for a beer, have a dance with the legendary Bjørn Dancekonge and share some shakalicious vibes with like-minded professionals.” Enjoy detailed vivid illustrations and smooth but energetic moves!

Source: Creative Cruise

#2. At the meantime, Danish Water Technology has become an indicator of Denmark’s ambition to find and develop better, cheaper and more efficient ways to handle water technologies. The Future Water City website presents brand-new water technologies via interactive design elements. Go ahead and feel free to look around and get inspired by some of the Danish state-of-the-art technologies for water solutions.

Source: Danish Water Technology

#3. The picturesque website of a Roux at Parliament Square restaurant will make your virtual journey tasty. This pleasing full-page website features great web design concept. Check out the look of every dish they offer, explore the Restaurant, Bar and learn more about the Team or reserve a table for the dinner.

Source: Roux at Parliament Square

#4. Norilsk Film is a perfect match for those who have a passion for exploring the World around but no opportunity to travel always and immediately. You will see the city through the eyes of its inhabitants – documentary plots and real-life characters.
This amazing website is a web-documentary in progress. It unveils best 3D videos and panoramas of the northernmost city in the world. Norilsk is known for developing design and communication systems. Throughout a unique shooting perspective and innovative way of displaying the work, they try to make the product useful, meanwhile, brand image live and attractive.

Source: Norilsk Film (we can use any website video for a better example)

And finally…

#5. Have you ever seen a creative CV website? Well, a PocoPeople is a truly one. Kelly Eijdenberg is a graphic designer who has a rich experience in creative industries and a passion for the arts. Check out the cool web design concept of her resume and the professional info by clicking the arrows.

Source: PocoPeople

As a conclusion, we’d just say that the good website design is an entire experience from the moment your users enter the website to well after they leave.

Minimalist, fresh, creative, innovative… What style is yours? Grab your chance to enjoy the best website design concepts, get inspiration, and push all those ideas forward to create your own stunning design.

Learn how to get a memorable web design concept for your company right now!

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