15 Coolest AI Tools That Boost Your Productivity

15 Coolest AI Tools That Boost Your Productivity

For some reason, when people hear about AI tools they can imagine only ChatGPT and nothing more. And there is no wonder. It’s one of the most promoted services of 2023.

However, there are dozens of AI tools for every purpose: from basic web research to code review and architecture tools. In this article, we’ve gathered 15 AI services that will be useful for everyone: from college students to the CEO of a big company.

Implement them into your workflow to see how it saves you hours and even days. AI is your friend, not your enemy. Start to use these tools today to get a fair promotion tomorrow!

Google Bard

Image Source: Bard

The main rival of ChatGPT is free and has its own distinctive features. It shows you relevant information, while OpenAI’s bot shows you data from mid-2021. Bard works with links and can provide you with the answer based on your request and info from the page you send. ChatGPT has a similar function only in the premium version. 

Google’s tool also gives you a few answers simultaneously. In Open AI’s tool, you need to ask the service to paraphrase the query. Bard provides you with multiple texts. Google’s tool gives you text similar to conversation language, while ChatGPT puts lists everywhere.

But Bard is great only for research purposes. It works poorer than a ChatGPT. And it’s worse than a code-review AI tool like Github Copilot, which we will review in the next article. Since July 2023 Google Bard saves your conversations as well, as ChatGPT.

Ask Your PDF

Image Source: AskYourPdf

Are there any ChatGPT-like tools that can help with the PDFs? Yes, moreover is a tool from the same developer. So we can clearly say that this is ChatGPT for PDF files.

The tool scans a document, analyzing its content and given context. Once it “reads” the file, the tool provides a short recap and predicts possible questions from you.

It works with any PDF, from student presentations to law documents. It helps you structure the main points of the document. As of today, this tool is free. 


Image Source: Midjourney

The most popular AI visualization tool allows you to convert your design ideas into JPEG pictures.  All you need to do is to describe what happens in the picture as detailed as possible and paste it into the Discord chat of the tool. After a few minutes, you’ll get 4 pictures to choose from.

If you don’t like what you see, paraphrase your request and ask Midjourney to generate it again. You can ask it as many times as you need to.

Unfortunately, there are no free plans. There are three subscriptions for $10, $30, and $60 per month. There are an unlimited number of queries and general commercial rights for any plan. The main thing that distinguishes them is the processing speed and amount of concurrent jobs.

Dall-e 2

Image Source: DALL·E 2

The stripped-back yet partially free alternative to Midjourney. If you sign up here before April 6, 2023, you have 15 free credits per month. But if you decide to test it after reading our article or spend all the free prompts, you need to buy credits. They are cheap: you’ll get 115 credits for $15.

But beware that it has less visualization power than Midjourney. You can’t visualize personalities, like “Lady Gaga dancing with Freddie Mercury”. But this tool will suit those who are looking for a tool to draw a quick sketch or a mood board.  


Image Source: Looka

This AI tool will generate your logo for free. Simply type your brand name, pick your industry, and choose logos that you like. Select the colors close to your brand colors, pick symbol types that suit you most, and wait until the tool generates the unique logo for you.

Customize any logo: add or remove text, change icons, fonts, and colors. Design and save as many logos as you want for free. But once you decide to use this logo in your business or get the copyright for other purposes, you should purchase the asset. 

A basic plan with a single PNG file costs you $20. A premium logo with multiple files costs you $65. You can also get a brand kit subscription to ease your branding process.


Image Source: AdCreative.ai

It’s Canva on steroids. Pick the illustration size, write the desirable text (or don’t, you can choose “Paste AI recommendation”), select a picture from the service’s gallery or paste your own photo. Wait for 20-30 seconds until AI generates 100+ visuals, where each one has a conversion score.

If you sync your social media page, the tool additionally analyzes each post to provide visualizations that suit YOUR CUSTOMERS TASTE and boost your conversion. You also can add your own logos and change color schemes. 

The first 10 creatives for your business are available for free. After this, prepare to buy a subscription. There are 10+ plans for start-ups, big companies, and agencies. The most affordable are Startup plans which cost you $29/month for 10 credits ($2.9 for a single illustration), $60 for 25 credits ($2.5 for a single pic), etc. 

The more credits you plan to buy under one transaction, the more cost-effective your membership will be. Premium Agency membership will cost you $699/month for 2000 credits or 35 cents for a single picture.


Image Source: Lumen5

Another Canva on steroids, but focused on video content. Pick a template, load some footage, or select suitable options from the service gallery and add some text. After this, the AI tool will edit the video for you. Many people compare this process with the PowerPoint presentation. Yes, it’s that easy.

If you need subtitles, you can do this in this service too. The built-in subtitler tool helps you to do this within minutes.  

Lumen5 is a great tool for those who are doing podcasts. Simply download the video and wait until the service generates captures for you.

Test the tool by doing 5 videos for free without the service’s watermark. After this, you can stay on free membership with a services watermark and 720p resolution or switch to the paid option. Pricing starts from $19/month up to 149/month for almost unlimited access. 


Image Source: SOUNDRAW

The AI-based tool for unique royalty-free music.  If you are professionally editing videos and looking for audio that suits your video the most, it’s your choice.

Here you can create music both for private and business purposes even if you don’t have musical ears. Choose the length, tempo, and mood of the song. Service will give you a few dozen song templates that suit you.

In basic editing, you can change the intensity of the 10-second music blocks. In Pro Mode, you can modify the whole song structure by changing BPM precisely, adding or removing instruments, and adjusting its volume and key.

Under a free subscription you can generate songs and save them in your bookmarks. But if you want to use them, get a subscription. It costs you $19.99/month on a monthly membership or $16.99/month on an annual one. 

The license stays even after you unsubscribe from Soundraw. If you are a YouTuber, you can create a few dozen songs in a month span, stop your membership and still use this music in your videos as long as you want to.

Adobe Podcast 

Image Source: Adobe Podcast

So far it’s the only free Adobe tool. If you know their price policy, you understand this deal’s profitability. They are testing it in public, providing you the chance to use it for free. 

This AI tool will enhance the audio quality to make it as close as possible to the in-studio recording. If you are recording a conversation in the English language, this tool scans what you are saying, word by word. So, when it comes to editing, remove words or sentences just by clicking on them. 

From now on you don’t need to listen to the whole podcast, removing pieces of audio manually. You can also add royalty-free music from your computer, or Adobe’s library.


Image Source: Murf

Do you want to make the podcast but don’t want to use your voice? Or maybe you are looking at how to voiceover videos for your business but don’t want to hire voice actors? Try Murf AI text-to-speech engine.

It is a powerful tool with more than 120 AI voices made using real voice actors’ voices. Murf has more than 20 languages. You can change pitch, speed, emphasis and add interjections to ensure that artificial voice actors capture the right tone. 

In free membership, you can try all voices, and get 10 minutes of generation and transition. The basic membership gives you access to 60 voices in 10 languages and 14 hours of AI voice overs per year for $19/month. A pro option gives you access to all voices and languages, 48 hours of AI voiceover, and 24 hours of transcription per year for $26/month. The enterprise version is on the costly side ($99/month), but it provides you unlimited access to all features.


Image Source: Jasper

AI writing assistant or as many prefer to call it “mini copywriter”. It won’t write you slogan, expert article, or something that needs a deep level of experience, but it will be great for easy formulaic content. You can use it for creating a company’s bio, real estate description, Instagram post, SEO title and description for the article, etc.

Pick the template, tell about the product, give some seed words that should be in the text, and select the tone of voice.  If you want to save even more time, launch the Boss Mode where you simply tell the technical task as if you were talking to the copywriter.

And it can be anything, even cosplaying the tone of voice of famous personalities. You can ask Jasper to write you a short article about black holes in the style of Neil Tyson or work jokes in the Elon Musk style.

You can try every feature for free in a 7-day trial. After this, you can switch to the basic Creator, extended Teams, or pro Business plan. In the first plan, you’ll get 50+ templates, 50 knowledge assets, and a brand voice for $39/month. In the Teams plan you’ll get 3 seats under single membership, 150 knowledge assets, and 10 campaigns. A business plan gives you unlimited features, but its price is negotiable.

HitPaw Enhancer

Image Source: HitPaw Photo Enhancer

An AI-based tool that can enhance any photo. All you need to do is to load the photo and pick what you want to do with it. You can upscale the photo up to 8K, adjust the color temperature, sharpen the photo, retouch the details and colorize the image.

There is also a video-enhancing tool that has pretty similar features. In the free version, you can test all the tool’s features, but can’t export the photo or video. Both apps have an identical price policy, where 1 month costs you $19.95, the annual subscription price is $39.95 and the lifetime license is $79.95.


Image Source: Synthesys

One of the most popular AI Voiceover tools helps you create high-quality videos without hiring expensive voice-over actors. To create the audio track, pick one of the voices, and enter the text. There are 250+ voices in 60 languages to choose from. Edit gender, accent, style, and tone to ensure that it fits your business. 

If you need audio and video, we recommend you choose Synthesys Video Generator. It has an extended voice bank with 254 voices in over 140+ languages, and 60+ humatars of every complexion, race, and race.

Pick the spokesperson (AI avatar), select the voice, add the script, and choose the background or upload your own. 

Users in reviews often use it for their customer support videos, educational YouTube and TikTok channels, SaaS walkthroughs, corporate communications, and many more. You also can add branding elements, captions, and graphics.

It’s a budget-friendly tool. Pay $27/month for unlimited audio synthesis,  $36/month for a human Video Generator, and $52/month for having access to both tools simultaneously.


Image Source: LOVO

It is a similar tool but with even more modifications. Also, it has basic AI visualization and AI copywriting tools to ease the video-creating process even more.

Lovo AI has 400 real voices in its library with 25+ emotions, including crying, pure joy, disapproval, grief, sarcasm, shouting, and even being drunk! You can create content in 100+ languages.

 Add sound effects, pictures, photos, videos, and background music to the built-in editor Genny whose interface is similar to Adobe Premiere Pro.

It has a two-week trial where you can test all features and generate 20 minutes of AI voiceover. Basic membership gives you access to 20 premium voices, 3 voices with a full range of emotions, FullHD video support, 30 Gb of cloud, 2 hours of voice generation, and commercial rights to AI content. It will cost you $19/month.

The Pro version offers you 5 hours of AI generation, early access to the newest voices, and producer mode where you can modify the voice. Prepare to pay $24/month. In Pro+ mode, you’ll get 20 hours of voice generation and 400 Gb of storage for $75/month.


Image Source: Fireflies.ai

AI assistant for those who are constantly in meetings. All you need to do is to launch the meeting and it will take the job to transcribe and analyze your conversations. 

It has seamless integration with all the most popular meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams Webex, etc. This assistant marks the items of the conversation, topics, questions, prices, and other metrics. It will also help you sound better by marking your filler words. 

You have 800 minutes of storage in a free plan and a transcript of some of your conversations. Pro membership for $10/month gives you 8 000 minutes of storage, unlimited transcription, AI summaries, smart search filters, topic tracking, and custom vocabulary. A business plan for $19/month provides you with unlimited storage, video recording, team insights, unlimited channels, and integrations.

Wrapping Up

As we said before, AI is your friend, not your enemy. In the modern workplace, everything is aimed at maximum productivity.  And AI tools are ready to help you with that by taking part in your monotonous work, leaving you everything that needs creativity. This approach could save you from possible burnout.

You don’t need to worry about AI replacement. It won’t happen in the foreseeable future, but your career very soon will become dependent on the ability to use new tools. Those who implement them first will become more productive than their rivals. 

They could earn more money at the same time as their less productive colleagues. So, don’t be afraid to try something new, and stay tuned to new Synergy Way blog posts to find even more tricks to ease your workflow!

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